If you are looking for the standard dose of equipoise then you can keep it within the range of 200 to 400mg per week. Many people take equipoise at a dosage of 400mg per week to get the best results. Some people also take it up to 600mg per week. The best part of taking this steroid is its controllable side effects. Equipoise can increase estrogenic activity in the human body.

You can take the dose in one injection or split it in 2 – 3 doses. If you split the dose and inject 2 – 3 times a week, keep in mind that the overall volume of the steroid will be decreased. The users of equipoise have stated that if the dose is divided into smaller amounts the side-effects can easily be controlled. Keep in mind that whatever dose is injected, you need to continue injecting equipoise for 8 weeks to complete the cycle. You can use this equipoise cycle in your cutting plan to get good results. It is the common dose that people follow to see results. Some people also continue the dose up to an additional 4 to 5 weeks without the non-aromatizing hormonal agents. The cycle could be run for a minimum of 8 weeks when using it in the off-season. Some people continue it up to 12 weeks to get more prominent results. Equipoise can be used in both the cutting or bulking cycle to achieve versatile results.

The perfect dosage for women is considered to be 50mg of equipoise to avoid the non-aromatizing compounds. The cycle can be started with this dose undoubtedly as it causes minimal side-effects that are easy to control. The virilization effect of this dose can be avoided in an easy manner while taking this amount of equipoise on a weekly basis. But the sensitivity of the user can be increased as the side-effect of this steroid. Some female users also stretch the dose up to 75 – 100mg in a week. But it should be taken only when you are comfortable with the dose of 50mg per week. The cycle of 6 weeks is commonly taken by women but it can be increased to 8 weeks after becoming familiar with this steroid.


  • Dick

    February 6, 2020 @ 11:18 am

    Why should I use Boldenone Undecylenate? Any real advice?

    • Tim Winks

      February 6, 2020 @ 11:18 am

      You can take the anabolic steroid Equipoise for different purposes. The uses of Equipoise in a different cycle can help you to stay fit and fine. The users don’t take the steroid as the best and powerful one but admit its effectiveness on their body when taken at a proper dose. The steroid is also criticized in different cycles as well by some users. The experts say that the users expect some benefits from this steroid which is not provided by it at all. So knowing the effectiveness of the steroid is very important when you are incorporating it in a cycle. The effectiveness of the steroid also depends on its quality and dose. Users should educate themselves while taking the steroid because expecting something hilarious from a steroid and spreading wrong information about its effectiveness harm the steroid education. So, know about its proper dose, usefulness, and effectiveness and then start a cycle including this anabolic steroid to get a satisfactory result. The following profile of the steroid can help you to know more about it.

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