The Equipoise comes with numerous effects on the human body. This anabolic steroid is taken as a tolerable one for the people who want to achieve a fashionable goal. The steroid was used in osteoporosis and muscle waste diseases. But, now you will get some other ways to treat the problems and get a good result. The use of the veterinarian is popular among the horses. Mainly it is used to increase the appetite of the horse in order to improve the body weight of the animal. This steroid’s ability to increase the appetite can help the sportspersons including the athletes. It is also useful to the people who are trying to intake more calories. But you need to keep in mind that the effects of the steroid varies man to man. So, you may experience some different effects from the other users but the overall idea about the steroid can give you an ideal idea.

The other use of the steroid helps you to gain lean mass but you cannot expect it in a short period like overnight. You may get a better result in a mass gain from Deca Durabolin than this steroid but you will experience a high amount of water retention at the end of the Dianabol and Anadrol cycle. In the off-season gain, you can expect a good result from Equipoise. According to many athletes, this gives a good gain during the off-season cycle. It helps the people who want to gain calories in the off-season cycle. Though it is not very popular as the muscle and mass building steroid it acts well for off-season mass gaining and appetite increasing.

The Equipoise is also known for increasing the strength of the muscles. People can experience the benefits of the steroid by taking it as an addition to the on-going cycle. You can also take it as the cutting steroid which can help you to protect the weak and lean muscle. When you are going for burning body fat you need to lose more weight than you consume. In this case, you are obviously in the caloric deficient condition. In this case, your muscles can be in a risky position with the weak tissues. So, proper diet is important to provide genuine protection to the muscles and their tissues as it will help your body to gain energy. If you are not going for any anabolic steroid then you may lose a few vital muscle tissues as well. It will also add some extra strength and good condition to your physique. The effects can give you a better result when you take this with Masteron (Drostanolone) or Trenbolone that are non-aromatized. You can go for the EQ at the frontend of the cutting cycle to get the remarkable result. You can stop this steroid at the latter half of the cycle to reduce the effect of the estrogen. You should keep in mind that in the last part of the cycle you need to cut the dose of the steroid as much as possible.


Though you will get numerous benefits from the Equipoise, but there are few undeniable side effects of the steroid also. For most of the users, this steroid is taken as one of the most manageable steroids. But the good effects of the steroid can be enjoyed only when the low dose is taken only. If you take a very large dose of this steroid then you may face some side-effects that are described below.


The aromatization level of the steroid is moderate but you need to keep an eye on it. High level of aromatization can cause high blood pressure and gynecomastia. So, you need to take care of the doses to get a good result and control the water retention level. Sometimes, you may need to take the anti-estrogen medicines to control the side-effects. Though it is not needed to all the users but it is better to keep one in hand. You can choose any from the anti-estrogen medicines and these are like Arimidex (Anastrozole), Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s). But you need to be careful while taking these medicines as these can leave some bad effects on the cholesterol. SERM’s can give you a good result in this case by controlling the effects on the cholesterol.


The androgenic side-effects like acne, hair loss, baldness and hair growth on the body can be faced by the users who take the steroid at a large scale dose. But now in the double bound and two positions, the effects of the androgen are reduced remarkably. The androgenicity of the drug is reducible due to its structural nature which makes the EQ double bound and two positions of carbon. When you are going to fight against such side-effects of Equipoise you need to note that the metabolism of the steroid should be of 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. It should be able to reduce the increased level of the Boldenone and bring it to a potential level of androgen in dihydroboldenone. The androgenic effect of Finasteride which is known as the 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors will not be significant as these are mainly used to fight the DHT reduction in the human body.

As a symptom of androgenic effect, the women users may face the virilization. Hair growth increase in the body like men and deepening of the vocal cords are also the androgenic effect of the steroid. Clitoral enlargement can also appear as a symptom of the same. But the lower level of androgenicity can keep you away from these types of side effects. But at these lower compounds of the steroids are not easy to control the blood vessels. In this case, you are suggested to take alternative steroids. If you face the virilization symptom after taking Equipoise then you should immediately stop taking it and they should fade away by their own. Keep in mind that if you ignore the symptoms you may face some irreversible symptoms.


The effect of Equipoise can help you in various ways but it can harm your cardiovascular activity by affecting the cholesterol ratio. It reduces the activity of the HDL mainly. So you need to keep the track of the cholesterol level when you are taking this steroid. The effect of the steroid on the HDL should never be extreme as it can be dangerous for cardiovascular activity.

It can also increase the risk of improper lipid profile among the adults. When you are planning to start an anabolic steroid like Equipoise, you should definitely check the levels of the cholesterol to make sure that you are in the condition of tolerating this steroid. Otherwise, it can make your lifestyle changed and harmful at the same time.


The natural testosterone production becomes low for taking the anabolic steroid like Equipoise. This particular anabolic steroid is not a very suppressive type of steroid. It reduces the serum production of overall testosterone. So, when a man is taking the steroid he should include the exogenous testosterone in the overall stack to stay on the safe side. You should keep in mind that the low level of testosterone production can be harmful to your health in various ways. So, it is important to keep the level of testosterone production within the range. If you keep the testosterone as the base of your cycle then you need not to worry about the suppression but if you are not taking it as the base of your cycle then you need to make it sure that supplementary testosterone therapy is taken by you according to the doses of the steroid.

You need to note that the testosterone production level comes to its previous track when your cycle comes to its last stage. It comes to the tack by its own when the Equipoise is going to its end. But the experts always suggest taking a post cycle therapy to keep your body fit and fine. The post cycle therapy can help you to make it sure that the testosterone production is on its track. According to your physical condition, you should also cut off the duration of testosterone recovery therapy. So, be careful about the PCT and check the rising level of the testosterone in your body.

The recovery part of testosterone assumes that there is no damage in the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis (HPTA) in your body because of using an anabolic steroid. And there is no more low-level testosterone production is there in your body. After completing the cycle of anabolic steroid you should go for the PCT. You should wait two weeks after taking the last steroid pin of Equipoise. Some people think that starting to take HCG ten days after the last shot of steroid can be beneficial but on the other hand some people prefer to end the shot of Equipoise before concluding the overall cycle.


The effect of Equipoise is not harmful to the liver if taken in a proper dose as this steroid is not considered as the hepatotoxic anabolic steroid.


  • Michael

    February 6, 2020 @ 11:32 am

    I am posting this question for my friend who wants to know some valuable answer but not present in the forum. He is doing a cycle of Deca, primo, winstrol, and Sustanon 250 for 8 weeks. Now he has 2 more weeks left in his hand and now he has started to take equipoise and tren enanthate after stopping the dose of Deca. After completing this cycle he has a plan for PCT on Clomid/Nolvadex along with HGH. Is it fine to jump into the dose of EQ from the dose of Deca? Please suggest your opinion. And I must say if you are not satisfied with the information or the question then please understand that I am questioning it on behalf of my friend.

    • Tim Winks

      February 6, 2020 @ 11:32 am

      I will suggest you go for a long period of the cycle when you are incorporating EQ into your cycle. If your friend has just two weeks left and wants to incorporate the steroid then he should stretch the period of the cycle or he can jump into the PCT directly. A cycle including EQ can give you the best result when running for 14 weeks at least. You should ask your friend to learn about the steroid effects before using them on the body. The dose and the period should be clear to your friend when he is going to apply to his body.

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