Equipoise is a well-tolerated anabolic steroid mainly used by men and is well tolerated by most women in low doses. Even though individuals may experience side effects of equipoise, equipoise is said to be a manageable steroid for healthy adults. Here we will explain the probable side effects of equipoise and provide information regarding its adverse effects in a particular category.


The boldenone hormone does not aromatize heavily to estrogen. This is because of the hormone’s interaction with the aromatase enzyme. High levels of estrogen can be problematic in the promotion of gynecomastia, excess water retention and high blood pressure when water retention becomes severe. Because of the moderate aromatizing activity, it is easy for most men to control the related side effects. On the other hand, high doses need additional attention. Estrogenic dominance and suppression of testosterone can cause impaired sexual function.


There is no such damage and harmful effects to the liver. Boldenone does not pose stress to liver as it is not a hepatoxic anabolic steroid. However, some studies show that the use of equipoise tends to alter the shape, size and kidney function among bodybuilders.


Comparatively, equipoise does not possess cardiovascular strain unlike other anabolic steroids, especially those in oral form. However, boldenone can negatively impact the ratio of cholesterol and its ability to suppress HDL levels. But it is not of extreme level and in control for most healthy adults.


Some of the androgenic side effects include acne, increase in hair loss, male pattern baldness and body hair growth. On the other hand, because of the structural nature the androgenicity of the steroid is greatly reduced. These are in a way related to genetic predisposition. On top of that, women using equipoise may witness virilization symptoms including hair growth on the body, clitoris enlargement and voice deepening (to name a few).


Similar to other anabolic steroids, equipoise will overpower the natural testosterone production. However, the suppression rate of this drug varies and it highly effects serum levels in testosterone. It is important is to maintain the testosterone level in the body. Once a cycle of equipoise is stopped, natural testosterone production will begin again. Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) for stimulating the natural production of testosterone is necessary. It will not balance out everything, but it will prove to be advantageous. However, total recovery might take a few months.


  • Bob

    February 6, 2020 @ 11:34 am

    While on TRT, I included test of approx. 500mg/week cypionate and 450mg/week equipoise for the past month. So, I want to ask if I want to go for a blood test, what should be the time that I stop consuming equipoise prior to the test? I tried to found answer on Google, but there were contradictory search results on whether EQ will show up or not. Will the test be free/total test, complete blood cell count, estradiol, psa. I prefer the total test to be of approx. 1,200 and do not want to go anything ridiculous.

    • Tim Winks

      February 6, 2020 @ 11:35 am

      Well, your T levels will JACKED with 500mg/week, most probably in thousands, along with that of a whack T/E ratio. Mainly the T/E ratio is what they test for (mainly in sports for doping or to check whether you are using steroid). The EQ is of least worries and it can show up for months if test is performed. So, if you are on legitimate TRT, you must ensure to schedule it when there is no test. Your doctor will see whack results and you must look for a new doctor.

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