You can consider equipoise as a slightly changed form of testosterone. It adds a double bond in the position of carbon one and two. The androgenicity and estrogenic nature of the hormone are reduced by this double bond. This gets attached to the hormone release controlling undecylenate ester after the administration in the body. You can expect the highest level of release in boldenone after 3 – 4 days of the injection. You can also expect a slow but continuous hormonal release for 21 days. This has the ability of aromatization 50% lower than testosterone. You can’t expect the mass gain like the effect of testosterone from this particular steroid, but its reduced level of estrogen can help the individual to gain mass with the help of proper supplements.

Though equipoise differs from testosterone, structurally there are few similarities between the steroids. One of the most popular properties of these steroids is their enhanced ability of protein synthesis. Nitrogen preservation in the muscles is another beneficiary and common agent of both steroids and it also includes the inhabitation of glucocorticoid hormones and increasing level of IGF-1 output. You will also get an increased amount of red blood cells in the body after taking this steroid. For most athletes and the those in the fitness industry it is helpful to get a moderate amount of increment of red blood cells.


  • Lucky

    February 6, 2020 @ 11:36 am

    Presently I am on the TRT. I was taking 450mg/wk equipoise and 500mg/wk cypionate in the last month. When should I go for a blood test after stopping the steroid? I did not find a reliable answer on the internet on this fact. I am going to test for the total or free test of complete blood cell count, estradiol, and PSA. I would like to have a total testosterone level at 1200 and don’t want to get a hilarious report as well.

    • Tim Winks

      February 6, 2020 @ 11:36 am

      Your T level should be at 500mg per week like the other users. You can stay out of the worry for using EQ steroid in your cycle and blood test. The main interest of the blood test is seeing the T/E ratio. The doc will get to see a whack result in that test and you will be finding for a new doctor then.

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